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Pomegranate extract

By M H

Pomegranate extract


Pomegranate powder extract and pomegranates in general have been used as a traditional source of antioxidants for years in humans. Pomegranate is rich in punicalagins and punicic acid, making it a truly extraordinary ingredient for athletic performance and overall well-being.

Scientific effects

Participants in a study using Pomegranate powder extract showed an improvement in aerobic exercise at 1000 mg in humans. They found that participants experienced an increase in blood flow, a delay in fatigue, and an improvement in performance (1).  

Pomegranate powder extract usage can also lead to an increase in nitric oxide levels and a decrease in blood pressure (2-3).  Due to this effect on nitric oxide and blood pressure, Pomegranate powder extract can improve anaerobic performance as well. 

A study in 2017 found that using pomegranate powder extract at 1000 mg acutely in humans increased the size of blood vessel diameter and increased blood flow, demonstrating it is effective at increase blood flow via nitric oxide (4). They noticed this increase was found when participants performed a bench press, a leg press, and that it remained significantly higher than baseline 30 minutes post ingestion; this means it is not a short acting effect. 


Supplementing pomegranate extract can lead to:

  • An increase in endurance
  • An increase in nitric oxide
  • An increase in exercise performance 
  • A delay in fatigue 

Safety profile

Please consult with a physician before using Pomegranate powder extract or any other supplement. Avoid combining Pomegranate powder extract in combination with erectile dysfunction medicine. 


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