Sucralose & Ace-K, Natural Fruit Flavouring

15-30 minutes before physical activity, although this can vary due to individual differences — some people may prefer it closer to activity or even longer than 30 minutes before physical activity.

1 scoop:

Caffeine anhydrous: 150mg
Dicaffeine malate (75% caffeine): 65mg = 48.75mg total
Total caffeine: 198.75mg

2 scoops:

Caffeine anhydrous: 300mg
Dicaffeine malate (75% caffeine): 130mg = 97.5 total
Total caffeine: 397.5mg

Caffeine anhydrous is the most popular caffeine type used in supplements. It is a concentrated form of caffeine that is devoid of any water.

Like other forms of caffeine, dicaffeine malate can increase focus, energy, and metabolism while decreasing perceived fatigue. Dicaffeine malate offers a unique advantage: malic acid found in the ingredient may calm the digestive distress commonly caused by caffeine anhydrous.

Vandal pre workout can be consumed in smaller doses (½ - 1 scoop) before school/tests/studying, work etc. as a replacement for coffee.

To avoid sleeplessness, do not consume Vandal pre workout within 6 hours of your bedtime.

Flavoring was our top priority when developing Vandal pre workout. We took the time to get our flavors right; we have been told 'it tastes the way it looks'.

Please check with your doctor or health care provider before using Vandal pre workout or any other dietary supplement, and follow all warning statements on the product label.

Do not use if you have any existing medical conditions.

Vandal is intended to be used by adults 18 years of age or older.

Vandal is compliant with the most recent (2019) WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) prohibited list. Always check your federation, organization, or competition-specific banned substance & prohibited substances list before taking Vandal as these lists are continuously updated.

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Vandal does not contain Beta Alanine, which is the ingredient that results in paresthesia (tingling/itching sensation). Beta alanine is a saturation based ingredient that requires over 200+ grams over several months for benefits, and thus its best utility is not in a preworkout (since beta alanine requires daily dosing).

Vandal does not contain any form of creatine. Just like Beta alanine, creatine is a saturation based ingredient that requires almost daily usage and is thus not ideal for a preworkout product.

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